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Rev. James Quisquirin Submits Division of Missions Report

By: Rev. James Quisquirin
NEM-Division of Missions

I would like to praise God for the privilege of serving Him through the Division of Missions under this present administration. Through this period, God has widened my understanding and perspective in Missions and has been blessed to see the field ministry situations of some of our missionaries and addressed prevailing concerns, have met and interacted with the Missionary Teams in the field and with some of our Missions partners, have promoted missions awareness to all districts forums and ACEPs, and in some churches as well, and have launched and continually conducted Kairos Course/ trainings and Unveiling Glory seminars and Teachers' training. Truly, God is good. He has taken care of us in the leadership in all our ministry trips, and also our families. Praise God also for the increase of our missions giving, which enables us to support more missionaries who are under the partnership categories. I also thank you brethren for all your prayer support and encouragements. May the Lord our God whom we serve continue to enable us all TO DO THE MISSIONS TOGETHER until He comes. To God be the Glory! Below are the updates and challenges.

Missions Update

Below are the missionaries classified into categories.

Full Career Thailand Rev. & Mrs. Lumawag;
Rev. & Mrs. Joel Gerada,
Ms. Fely Jane Narciso,
Ms. Beth Limare
Partnership Hong Kong,
South Africa,
Papua New Guinea,
Rev./Mrs. Lito Alid,
Rev./Mrs. Ansagay,
Rev./Mrs. Mark Venezuela,
Ms.Ruth Tablada,
Ms. Fe Hernandez,
Ms. Carol Ilidan,
Ms. Villie Gregorio,
Rev./Mrs. Charlie Invidiado,
Ms. Lorena Cardenas,
Rev./Mrs. Fortunato Zamora;
Ptr./Mrs. Victor Opungu,
Ms. Yoli Alido,
Rev./Mrs. Filomeno Belen,
Rev./Mrs. Cesar Mangohig
Tentmaker Japan,
Ptr./Mrs.Neme Barro,
Ptr./Mrs Cris Barro,
Ms. Luz Gatdula,
Ms. Adelaida Cabahug,
Ptr./Mrs. Frank Juanitez,
Ptr./Mrs. Rolando del Rosario,
Ptr./Mrs. Simon Deguinion,
Ptr./Mrs. Lasay, Lazarus/ Dorcas Limpong,
Ptr./Mrs. Tad Natividad,
Ptr./Mrs. William Sabillo,
Mr. Nel Banaag,
Ms. Emily Beboso,
Mr./Mrs. Victor Tolentino,
Ms. Zamira Lim
  T O T A L 52

Recognized Missionaries last year

1. Rev. & Mrs. Simeon Deguinion (Melanie). Tentmaker missionaries/Church Planters and Pastor, Evangelical Christian Fellowship of C&MA, Anjo Shi, Aichi Ken, Japan.

2. Rev. & Mrs. Rolando del Rosario (May Jane). Tentmaker missionaries/Pastor of Myujin Cho Christian Fellowship, Chosi Shi, Chiba Ken, Japan.

3. Ms. Cecilia Lorenzo. Community Development Worker in a Muslim village in Kampung Cham, Cambodia.

4. Architect Nel Banaag. Tentmaker missionary teacher in Hanoi, Vietnam, sharing God’s love to students through the English Corner strategy.

5. Mrs. Zamira Lim. Tentmaker Missionary to Palau. She is teaching at Emmaus High School for boys in Koror, Palau, and doing evangelism and discipleship among the students who came from different islands of Micronesia. [top]

Missionaries Home for Good

1. Rev. Romeo Miyashero. Former tentmaker missionary to Japan who came home in December, 2007. He is now based on Kidapawan, North Cotabato.

2. Rev. & Mrs. Daniel Ganibe. Former missionaries to Hong Kong who have been home since June, 2007. They are now residing in Urdaneta, Pangasinan.

3. Rev. & Mrs. Hernane Villaruel. Former tentmaker missionaries to Palau. Ptr. Hernane is now doing itinerant evangelistic and revival ministries, while his wife Lorna is teaching at MAABC.

4. Kingchopazar Belimac - Former tentmaker to Singapore who is now home, residing in Glan, Sarangani.

Missionary on Furlough

Ms. Fely Jane Narciso has been on furlough since August 1 and is promoting missions in different districts. She'll be back to Thailand this summer to serve her last term, after which she will retire.

Missionaries due for furlough this year are: Rev. & Mrs. Joel Gerada (Milcah) of Thailand (May, 2009-April, 2010); Rev. & Mrs. Mark Venezuela (Gladys) of Hong Kong for two months (June and July); and Ms. Beth Limare (Nov.2009-Oct, 2010). [top]

Missions Awareness Activities

Praise God for the impact of the missions awareness activities in 2008. In addition to the yearly mission emphasis month and missions preaching promotion, new awareness activities were launched last year namely Kairos Course and the Revealing His Glory seminars. These helped contribute significant impact to participants.

Kairos Training Course Conducted Report

Praise God for the endorsement of our Bishop and the approval of the National Board of Trustees (NBOT) to make Kairos Course (formerly Condensed World Missions Course [CWMC]) as one of our missions mobilization programs. The first two training sessions were attended by the National and district leaders, then followed by some members of DMT, district Pastors and with some church leaders. Since the implementation of the program, we now have a total of 220 Kairos graduates, and 164 facilitators. We will continue to hold this course in the districts and churches after the General Assembly. We envision that all our Pastors, church leaders and even members will be able to go through this course.

Revealing His Glory (RHG) Seminars & Teachers Training

Revealing His Glory (RHG) seminar is based on the book "Cat and Dog Theology" which asks the question "Who is at the center of my life, Me or God?" This seminar helps correct our attitudes and perspectives on worship and missions. By the grace of God, this seminar was conducted in several CAMACOP churches not only in the Philippines but even in Japan and Hong Kong during my visits there. Thirty-two (32) CAMACOP pastors are already trained as teachers in five separate training sessions by the Unveiling Glory International Director himself Dr. Jim Thurber. We hope and pray that more CAMACOP workers will be trained and more seminars or presentations be done in our churches this year. [top]

Missions Emphasis Month

We praise God for the success of our third CAMACOP Missions Emphasis Month last October with the theme "Blest to be a Blessing." I want to express my appreciation to our District Ministry Supervisors and Pastors for their leadership and hard work to make the missions month a success. Truly, many were challenged and encouraged to become blessings to others especially to unreached people groups.

Mission Fields visited

I praise God for the opportunity of visiting some of missionaries in the field. The objectives of the visits are the following: 1) To minister to our missionaries, church leaders and members; 2) To meet with the Missionary Teams, our missions partners and with some church leaders, sharing CAMACOP ministry updates, discussing how to strengthen the ministry, and for prayer and encouragement; 3) Too see the actual situation of the missionaries and their respective ministries; 4) Sometimes, to facilitate problem-solving with our missionaries with the church. The mission fields and missionaries visited are the following: Palau, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Paraguay. I hope and pray to visit other mission fields soon.

On Vision Exposure

Rev. & Mrs. Richel Maraat (Melody) were able to go to Mongolia for a month of vision exposure as part of the process before deciding for a long term-missions. Praise God for financial provision, protection and their exciting experience during their trip. They now have confirmed that God is calling them for Mongolia. God willing, they may be going there this year for a long-term ministry in partnership with CAMA Services in Mongolia headed by Rev. Dennis Maves. [top]

Rev. James Sarenas, our missionary candidate for the Ladakhi Tribe of Tibet (an unreached people group of Tibet) went for a two-month mission exposure last February to Katmandu, Nepal to do research about the said tribe. He also went to the border of Nepal and Tibet where many who belong to the Ladakhi tribe are. He is working in partnership with a non-government organization (NGO) which someday will be the one to sponsor his family's working visa (since Nepal does not issue a religious and missionary visa yet). He will come home in April, and as God provides, he and his family will go back for a long term missions work - to do a church planting among the said tribe.

Expected Missionaries for Deployment this Year

Rev. & Mrs. Edmund Napila (Laida) and family are missionary candidates for Czech Republic in partnership with Send International. They have already submitted their visa applications on the first week of January to the Czech embassy and hopefully, the result will come out in April. Pray for a positive result. Their first two years in Czech will be spent for a language study and the rest for a church planting ministry with a Team.

As mentioned above, Rev. & Mrs. Richel Maraat and Rev. & James Sarenas may be deployed this year for Mongolia and Tibet, respectively. Pray for the complete provision of their ministry support.

Missions Theme 2009

"Participating in the Task Remaining" (Matthew 24:14). May the Lord continue to use CAMACOP to passionately participate in reaching the unreached people groups in the world especially those within the 10/40 window. We continue to promote missions through the use of Kairos Course and RHG seminars this year and hope to see more significant impact in many of our churches. [top]

The Challenge:

God calls each believer to be involved in fulfilling the Great Commission especially in reaching the task remaining - the unreached people groups. And each believer is given by God a role in missions - either as a sender, a goer, a mobilizer or a welcomer. Most Christians are called as senders - to pray and support goers and mobilizers. All Pastors and Church leaders are called as mobilizers, mobilizing the church to pray and support the goers and mobilizers. Others are called to be welcomers, welcoming uprooted international people, and also missionaries into their home for prayer and encouragements.

CAMACOP is indeed a big potential supporter for missions especially in participating in the reaching of the unreached people groups within the 10/40 window. If only we can get a commitment by 150,000 members out of the more than 300,000 members of CAMACOP to give even just a minimum of P5.00 a week, that is P750,000.00 a week and a total of 39 million pesos in one year (or 52 weeks). What we need now is Pastors who are God’s appointed missions mobilizers in their respective churches to mobilize the members to pray and give regularly towards the CAMACOP National Missions Program. We can do it. To God be the glory! [top]

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